Choosing a paint color for any room in your home is exciting. The color of your walls sets the tone for the room and can even improve your mood! That’s right—color is more than just about looks—color has psychological effects and can even evoke certain emotions. In fact, Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute, explains the importance of color and our mental health, saying, “our surroundings influence our mental health, and many are expressing their creativity in the home as a way to enhance their feelings of joyfulness and well-being.”

With so many shades of all different colors, it can be difficult to choose one. To help narrow your choices, we’re rounding up the top color trends of 2023, according to color experts (spoiler alert: things are about to get a lot more vibrant!).


For the Pantone Color Institute, 2023 is all about thinking pink, as they’ve named Viva Magenta Pantone’s Color of the Year. Not quite purple and not quite red, this powerful and playful color complements many different color palettes and, according to Pantone, is meant to invoke strength. Pantone suggests those with daring styles to use this as their main wall color, or for those who prefer more muted tones to use this paint color for a little “pop.”

Reds and Oranges

Similar to the vibrancy of magenta, deep reds and oranges can be deeply impactful. Benjamin Moore has named their paint color of the year “Raspberry Blush,” a stark contrast to previous years’ soothing and subtle shades. “The time felt right to highlight a color that encourages a willingness to be creative and expressive through color, even if it meant breaking away from the tried and true,” says Andrea Magno, Color Marketing Director at Benjamin Moore.

Unique Greens

While you may have used soothing shades of green in the past, this year is all about fun and unique shades of green (think: bright and fun). A few examples are two shades in Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color Trends Palette: Savannah Green and North Sea Green. While these colors may seem daunting, they will bring an inspiring vibe to any room.

Earthy and Natural

Neutral lovers, don’t worry—there are colors here for you too! Deeper neutral colors that reflect colors of nature and are reminiscent of wood, like warm browns, are seeing an increase in popularity. C2 Paint has named Tiramisu its color of the year, stating it “celebrates origins – the source from which all things rise. Tiramisu is a rich, restorative cedar inspired by the diverse range and tonalities of natural wood and the rich mineral hues of the soil from which they grow.”


For Sherwin Williams, it’s also time to think pink—but maybe not as brightly. They’ve named Redend Point as their Color of the Year. This blush color is meant to be versatile and invigorating, with Sherwin Williams stating the shade is “subtle, warm and restorative, suitable in commercial or residential spaces where mind and soul can relax and be refreshed.”


Following along with warm and natural colors is Dutch Boy’s 2023 Color of the Year, Rustic Greige. A mix of both grey and beige, Dutch Boy states that this “go-with-everything” color is ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, and anywhere else you’re looking to add some warmth. This neutral color is lighter than some of the other deeper neutrals we’ve discussed and brings on a sense of coziness rather than boldness.

Let’s Get Painting

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