The movie chain has hundreds of locations worldwide, with theaters in Argentina, Brazil, and the United Kingdom. One of its locations in Warwick, RI was in need of a refresh, and relied on AH Painting and Services to get the job done right.

The Problem

The Cinema in Warwick, RI was looking for someone to paint the interior and exterior of the facility—approximately 300,000 square feet within a 6-month timeline. The plan was for the cinema to remain open on the weekends, so they required a painting company that would be efficient and tidy while delivering top-quality work.

The Solution

The Cinema approached AH Painting and Services to paint the exterior and interior of their facility, including the concession area, walls, ceiling, corridors, and 15 theaters. The team started by assessing the facility and creating a detailed plan that included surface preparation, painting, and cleanup. We also worked closely with client to ensure that the painting work did not interfere with their operations.

The Results

The project was completed on time and within budget, without sacrificing quality. Our experienced team of painters also ensured the job was completed without any interruption to the theater’s operations, so when they opened on the weekends, the space was cleaned up and presentable to the public. With help from AH Painting and Services, the Cinema now has a beautiful, renovated cinema with a paint job that will last for years to come.

Let’s Get Painting

Having an aesthetically pleasing commercial property, whether it’s a cinema or a storefront, can increase brand awareness and impress existing and potential customers  For over 17 years, AH Painting has offered local businesses and large-scale companies unparalleled interior and exterior painting services without breaking the budget.